Edelweiss changes image but stays true to its values. New logo, new ropes, new harnesses, the brand that invented, nearly 60 years ago, the core and sheath construction rope is still at the top of the art to bring in a complete range of mountain gear. Thanks to an exceptionnally tough sheath construction, Edelweiss ropes offer a reliability proven even in the harshest climbing conditions. Since the beginning we have made the choice of a thicker sheath yarn to manufacture ropes with a renowned level of quality.

Our new Perform 3 process adds smoothness and suppleness to these qualities of ressitance and durability. Edelweiss products are true to their reputation of solidity and reliability, in a range that is getting even more attractive. Alpinism, Canyonning or Climbing, safety, freedom and fun are a whole. To make them one, there is Edelweiss.