History and innovations

It is a long and hard way to the top. The history of Edelweiss is landmarked by major innovations which supported the evolution of mountaineering and climbing.

1953 : First sheath/core construction rope.
1971 : Development of Everdry, dry treatment of the sheath, with Reinhold Messner.
1984 : First rope to sustain Sharp Edge test (factor 2 fall on a 0.75mm radius edge).
1991 : Perdur treatment to improve abrasion resistance.
1993 : Supereverdry, dry treatment of both sheath and core for even more performance in extreme conditions.
2003 : Introducing the buckle-free harness.
2009 : O-Flex Concept, for a better handling and more durability on ropes used on an intensive basis.
2010 : Perform 3, a new generation of ropes, smoother, more fluid, lightweight and still as enduring.
2011 : Alpha and Omega harness concepts, for more support and comfort.